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Human Trial with FBCx and Fatty Breakfast

Healthy adults consume an egg and sausage breakfast muffin, then have blood tests with and without FBCx

This study tested healthy adults at a range of weights and ages, and for the first time documented post-meal responses to a common, commercially available fat-containing meal.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial, 34 healthy adults (28 female, 6 male) were given a commercially available breakfast sandwich as their first meal of the day, along with 8 oz. of bottled water. The sandwich contains 26 g of fat. They consumed the meal within 10 minutes, followed by immediate ingestion of FBCx tablets. Blood triglyceride levels, which ordinarily rise after high-fat meals, remained in the normal range in the post-meal blood profiles for the FBCx group. Compared to the placebo group, blood TG levels ranged 15-20% lower at the 1 and 2 hour marks, increasing to nearly 50% lower at the 3 hour mark.


The study showed that taking 2 g of FBCx with a fat-containing meal supported healthy post-meal blood triglycerides. FBCx was shown to be effective to decrease the absorption of triglycerides into the bloodstream in the 3 hours following the meal. The effectiveness of FBCx in supporting healthy blood triglycerides confirms its value as a beneficial ingredient.

REFERENCE: Jarosz PA, Fletcher E, Elserafy E, Artiss J, Jen, K-L. The Effect of α-Cyclodextrin on postprandial lipid and glycemic responses to a fat-containing meal. Metabolism. 2013 Oct;62(10):1443-7.