Calorease | Weight management made easier | Using Calorease
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A Helpful Way to Reduce Absorption of Dietary Fat

It is easy to use Calorease with FBCx. Take two tablets with a fat-containing meal three times a day. If you take the recommended six tablets each day, less dietary fat may be absorbed. For best results, don’t just take it every now and then. Consistency is key.

There is no special diet involved with taking Calorease. You simply eat a reasonable, balanced and nutritious fat-containing diet. But, as long as you don’t use Calorease as a license to overeat, it can help you manage your weight.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Calorease

We recommend that you take two Calorease tablets with each meal that contains fat. Typically, we consume around 100 grams of fat a day. Ideally, you need to spread this fat consumption out over three balanced and nutritious meals.

Calorease with FBCx may not be an ideal approach for you to manage weight if you are on a low-fat diet plan. For example, if you are in a habit of eating plain cereal with skim milk and black coffee for breakfast, you may not wish to take Calorease with that meal as it is unlikely to have any significant effect. In this case, you may be better off taking Calorease with your morning snack if it contains higher amounts of fat.

Simple Changes to Support Your Weight Management Efforts

If you’re trying to maintain healthy weight, there are simple lifestyle changes that can help. Generally, radical fad diets don’t work. Instead, make smaller changes that you can stick with long term.

  • REDUCE PORTION SIZES: Smaller portions are a simple way of reducing calorie intake.
  • NO SECONDS: Smaller portions aren’t helpful if you have second helpings.
  • ADD PROTEIN: Protein makes you feel full longer, increases calories burned and reduces cravings.
  • REDUCE SUGAR: Too much sugar is just empty calories.
  • REDUCE ALCOHOL: Alcohol provides no nutritional value, lots of extra calories, and can reduce willpower.
  • START WITH SOUP: Soup before your main meal helps control your appetite in a healthy way.
  • MOVE MORE: Exercise helps; even just taking the stairs and parking farther away is worthwhile.
  • ELIMINATE LIQUID CALORIES: Don't waste your daily caloric intake on soda, energy drinks and fancy coffees.
  • EAT BREAKFAST: It gives your metabolism a boost right away and prevents overeating later.
  • SNACK ON ALMONDS: Studies show that three ounces a day won’t add weight and may make you less hungry.
  • START A FOOD DIARY: People who do this lose twice as much weight, and are more aware of their food choices.