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Calorease with FBCx: To help Reduce Fat from Food

Calorease contains dietary fiber, which is called FBCx. Typical dietary fibers bind dietary fat at an approximate 1:1 ratio. This small ratio makes common dietary fibers impractical as a weight management aid – a person would have to consume excessive amounts of typical fibers to have any effect. But FBCx is different. It is a patented formulation, the only soluble dietary fiber that can bind with about 9 times its own weight in dietary fat, according to laboratory research.

The process works like this: Humans cannot absorb fat without digesting it first. In the small intestine, a digestive enzyme called lipase processes fat droplets into smaller fragments called fatty acids. Fatty acids are absorbed through the digestive tract, and then reassembled within the body to form fat. When the FBCx in Calorease combines with fat droplets in foods, they become resistant to digestion so that the fat is less likely to be absorbed. Instead, the FBCx-fat compound passes through the digestive tract and is metabolized and eliminated.